Every successful B2B marketing campaign requires a blend of channels and tactics, which can include advertising, direct marketing, experiential and live events, as well as digital experiences, social media and content marketing.

Whether it’s B2B lead generation, account-based marketing, or simply driving awareness, we use the right mix of creative thinking, data and technology to engage hearts, minds and wallets.

Our campaigns process


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The initial immersion is all about understanding the campaign objectives and KPIs, and also the practical considerations of campaign development and implementation.


We work with you to understand:

  • Who the stakeholders are
  • Milestones, budgets, internal resources
  • What insights and background information can we access
  • What previous activity can we leverage
  • What the critical deliverables and outcomes are


Venn diagram of ‘Macro Context’, ‘Audience’ and ‘Client’ intersecting • B2B Marketing Campaigns • Earnest

The audience

  • Who are they, where are they, what do they think of you?

The market context

  • Who are the competitors and what are they saying?
  • What are established defaults and behaviours that we either align to, or disrupt?


  • We want to know everything! Product and service information, your current positioning, website and search performance.

Strategy, messaging and creative

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Strategy and creative live together at Earnest. We develop a strategic plan, alongside creative ideas to bring this to life and make audiences sit up and take action.

Tactical planning

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We work with B2B brands to help them build and execute tactical plans, either regional or globally: taking into account local market nuances to ensure the right balance between global efficiency, and local effectiveness.


  • Based on buyer journey mapping we develop an integrated tactical mix including all-important sales support/enablement.


  • We look at a split between owned, earned and paid media allocations – plus factoring in local country weightings.


  • Every campaign has a content strategy and we develop the plan, assets and content syndication needed to make the campaign a success.

Launch, analyse, optimise

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We help clients maximise the value of our work by helping them successfully launch and embed new campaigns into the business. But it doesn’t stop there. Campaigns work best when they are refined by live data – how customers are interacting, where and why. We work with clients to interpret the data for better commercial returns.

Evaluation and optimisation

  • Measurement, reporting and analysis.
  • Recommendations for refinement and adjustments to strategy, message, media and tactics.

Our campaigns work

Our campaigns insight