Demonstrating how data makes all the difference


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Demonstrating how data makes all the difference

Leading data provider CoStar had merged with STR, integrating its industry-leading hospitality data, analytics and insights into its global commercial real estate platform.

CoStar came to Earnezt to launch the new combined proposition to the market – targeting both existing customers and net new logos for acquisition.


200% outperformance of digital platform benchmarks

29k engaged users driven to the landing page

85% engaged audience were senior decision-makers in CoStar’s ICP


The new acquisition of STR data into CoStar’s platform provided different benefits and use cases for CoStar’s customer base, depending on their role. So, we developed a persona-led strategy to segment the audience, and the apply the creative platform and messaging in tailored ways to each audience segment. This approach also fed into and supported CoStar’s existing ABM program and supported the sales team with valuable tailored sales enablement.


This was delivered as a full-funnel campaign using an integrated set of target media channels to reach and engage the audience with minimum wastage. This included:

Awareness: We created a ‘hospitality soundbites’ podcast series discussing the key trends in the industry.

Consideration: Use case videos, infographics and persona-based ‘opportunity spotting’ guides.

Purchase: A suite of sales tools to help the teams sell the new combined CoStar/STR proposition.

The content was promoted through digital and social advertising across LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Programmatic display, native advertising (through Dianomi) and content partnerships. Bottom-of-funnel opportunities were enhanced with retargeting and nurture emails.

We came to the Earnezt team with a goal of producing a creative campaign that pushed the boundaries of what we generally confined ourselves to. They delivered on that objective and one month into our campaign we are already seeing very strong results, performance metrics beyond what we were expecting.

Matt Blocher,
VP, Marketing and Communications
CoStar Group