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Northeastern University

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Prestigious US-based higher education institution with well known experiential learning offerings, acquired the New College of Humanities (NCH) in London.

With this acquisition, Northeastern created a new apprenticeship program to help solve the challenge of sourcing digital & technology specialist talent, whilst an optimum combination of academic and practical work training.

To help the go-to-market, we created a program identity, bringing to life the unique offering and business-critical need to bridge the gap between sourcing talent and transforming a company’s digital offerings.


413,000+ social impressions over 11 weeks

804+ clicks

4x vs benchmark engagement


For businesses across the U.K., digital transformation is a matter of survival. But digital transformation can only go as far as the people bringing it to life, and there is currently a large gap in the talent pool with the necessary digital skills. Historically, apprenticeship schemes have taken a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.


Create an apprenticeship program identity fit to bridge the gap between today’s talent and tomorrow’s digital transformation by combining academia, experiential learning, business know-how and technical expertise.


We brought this new apprenticeship to life with a visual identity conveying the unique offering of an employer-centric degree program.

We delivered a campaign microsite, program introduction video, thought leadership articles and a targeted LinkedIn campaign. This drove increased awareness and consideration of Northeastern in the apprenticeship space.