Signing 10,000 SMEs up to a new bank


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Launching into the highly competitive small business banking space, Cashplus needed a streamlined yet standout campaign to achieve their ambitious target of 10,000 new sign-ups.

With so many digital challenger banks now serving small businesses, a slick user experience just isn’t enough to differentiate. We saw an opportunity for Cashplus to stand out from its rivals by focusing more on empathy, showing that it’s the one bank to take small businesses’ problems and ambitions seriously.


10k new sign-ups target surpassed in less than 2 months

2m impressions in 8 weeks

44% month-on-month increase in direct corporate sales


We positioned Cashplus as the only bank that’s properly bothered about small businesses – elevating them from an afterthought for big banks to the main character of the British economic recovery, through the concept: “The Future is Small”.


To make the most of a streamlined budget, we combined a charming stop-motion creative style with a data-driven targeting approach, ensuring we got a distinctive message out to exactly the right people. The campaign included YouTube pre-rolls, LinkedIn, Twitter and optimised landing pages to create disproportionate impact.

The Future is Small campaign not only helped us connect with our customers and celebrate this huge milestone together (as a new challenger bank), but also led to record sales.

Natalie Fuller
Head of Customer Experience and Communication