Creating an outsized impact for a CAD software business


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Buildings take years to construct, but designing them can take just as long. Getting everything to specification is a challenging and complex job in and of itself.

Bricsys is a global technology company that drives this process through its family of computer-aided design (CAD) products. However, a significant obstacle between Bricys and their target customers was a software giant that has long dominated the CAD market.

For Earnest, working with a challenger company like Bricsys meant we had to think sharper, work smarter, and always look for opportunities to ‘take the space between the gorilla’s toes’.


85% improvement in the CPA for paid search & display campaigns

150% increase in leads YoY

240% increase in clicks YoY


Bricsys needed cost-effective ways to break through when they held only a small share in a competitive marketplace.  CPCs are ever-increasing, and marketing budgets are constantly shrinking. The requirement for better ROI has never been more critical to a challenger business like Bricsys.

With Bricsys, we were able to reimagine the ideal account/campaign/keyword structure – carefully analysing where the best customers were coming from across all Global regions, not just leads, to ensure that performance was always benchmarked against business metrics, not just marketing.


We quickly implemented a number of changes that had an immediate effect on the impact of the digital marketing campaign.  A broad campaign restructure sat at the core of this by changing the priority for search keywords to focus on those that sat towards the lower funnel and diversifying other channels to drive search demand.

This is the first step in a broader roadmap for Bricsys, with plans to start campaigning on key niches within the engineering, architecture and design spaces to build volume while also implementing a stronger focus on conversion levers and landing pages to enhance campaign performance.

This change has laid the foundation for a sizeable expansion of the campaign, with a focus on increasing the top-of-funnel tactics to drive increased lower-funnel purchase intent.

Earnest is simply full of good people with more than a dash of marketing wizardry. A group of highly skilled marketing healers that have provided much-needed relief to our bloated CPAs and shrinking lead volume. It pays to have the wizards on your side.

Mike Colombo
Head of Demand Generation