Letting the brand’s strengths speak for themselves



Founded in 2007, Trustpilot is an open, global platform for writing and sharing verified customer reviews, with one million new reviews posted every month.

Whilst it’s a well-known brand in the UK and Europe, awareness of Trustpilot in the US was low. And among their business customers, many were still unaware of the specialised marketing and analytics features that they offer.

Trustpilot approached us to create their first integrated marketing campaign. The campaign’s goal was to help Trustpilot increase brand awareness in the US, outline the business benefits of its paid plans, and ultimately drive demo requests in the US, UK, and Europe.

Earnest dug far deeper into the challenges behind the brief. As a result, they delivered a response – and then a campaign – with a single-minded focus on our B2B buyer that had commercial success and a close partnership at the heart of it.

Alan Duncan,
Vice President Brand Marketing


215.3m impressions

594 leads

235 conversions


Sitting down with key Trustpilot stakeholders at the start of the process was key to unlocking the direction of the campaign. Many shared their surprise with us at how many of their customers didn’t know about the business benefits of the higher-tier plans.


Inspired by what we learned during the discovery phase, and building on the value proposition, we developed the core creative concept to drive the campaign. The concept speaks both to the surprising value Trustpilot offers, as well as being able to back it all up with real data and customer stories: ‘True Story’.

To bring Trustpilot’s first always-on, integrated marketing campaign to life we created a suite of display and social ads and developed a range of hero content – all designed to target key industry verticals.


The Trustpilot marketing team now has a list of tried-and-true, high-performing channels that helped them build brand awareness in untapped regions, and drive demo requests in more mature market.

They were also so pleased with the ‘True Story’ concept that it’s now being applied across a range of their B2B marcom activity.