Digitally surpassing traditional expectations



Allianz, one of the world's largest insurers and financial services groups, wanted to improve their perception and reputation in the corporate and specialty insurance markets.

Our campaign has proved to a fundamentally traditional business, based on relationship sales and face-to-face networking, that digital marketing is a critical growth driver for today’s modern B2B insurer.

The ‘Ready’ campaign for Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) hasn’t just been a high-performing, full-funnel campaign. It’s also a true first of its kind for the business, which required intense stakeholder discussions to get business buy-in and internal traction.

It continues to make a positive impact on the business, its employees and, of course, revenues. Above all, the value of marketing is now beyond doubt, and the marketing teams across the business have a newfound confidence and sophistication of approach.


85% penetration of target accounts (50% over target)

29% engagement amongst target accounts (20% over target)

21% uplift in brand awareness

120+ leads from top tier clients & brokers


Identifying a top tier of large global clients and key broker relationships, we worked to promote the concept ‘Allianz is Ready’ for the new era and continues to lead the way in the insurance market.


To secure internal buy-in from the Allianz leadership team, we built a test-and-learn campaign for three months using multiple channels, messages, formats and content to launch the AGCS brand, engage target accounts, and start to drive leads.

Our audience stretched across ten different countries and four continents. Representing the largest companies in the world, these organisations typically trade with over $1bn in global revenues.

The ‘Ready’ campaign was a true cross-channel endeavour, with a variety of channels and tactics used to deepen our audience understanding and optimise performance. Media activity was targeted across the full suite of digital channels as well as at events, in print and with OOH.

This campaign also had an element of account-based targeting. LinkedIn and partner platforms were leveraged to ensure impressions delivered were exclusive to the core audience.

We helped Allianz ACGS to achieve strong exposure and engagement with target audiences. We also played an essential role in helping them to secure 11% growth in premium renewals and over 126% growth in operating profit.

The ‘Ready’ campaign was a resounding success across the business and as the first foray into advertising for Allianz AGCS it has been a campaign that exceeded all expectations.

Emil Janssens
Head of Global Marketing
Allianz AGCS