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Access Group

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Access Group is one of Britain's great software success stories.

Innovative across over a dozen sectors and a great employer and favoured software partner to organisations of all shapes, sizes and needs.

Access had never run a group-level brand campaign before. Still, it recognised the importance of driving brand awareness and fluency as a way of further boosting the effectiveness of all the sector and product-specific marketing they already ran.

This meant finding a point of commonality between all their various solutions and audiences. Not an easy task.


64.9% web traffic increase

2% SOS increase within 3 months

50% increase in CTR


In search of a single powerful USP, we spoke to Access Group’s customers.

Once Access Group helped them solve their problems — from simple software integrations to business-level transformations — everyone described a moment of understanding that their working world could be better.

These ‘Aha!’ moments became the basis of the campaign.


We turned the insight about ‘software that delivers ‘Aha!’ moments’ into a hard-working creative property that would also celebrate the Access Group brand positioning of ‘the freedom to do more’.

By developing a deep understanding of their audiences, we were able to create a campaign to tap into the emotions – joy, relief, euphoria, delight – associated with discovering what people can achieve with Access Group software.

At the group level, Access Group is still an emerging brand. This saw us prioritise salience and discipline, a select few messages and assets delivered repeatedly to the right audiences at the right time.

We maximised impact and ROI by focusing our spend where it really mattered, and recognising this burst of activity as the start of a journey means we can continue to build on its success in the coming years.