Disrupting an event, owning a story

Disrupting an event, owning a story

For many years, the pharmacy benefits market in the United States has been a source of confusion and complexity for the many people who have to deal with it, due to its notorious opaqueness.

To help Truveris steal the show at HLTH 2019, we created an experiential event stand that brought the idea of the pharmacy benefit market ‘black box’ to life and demonstrated how Truveris is shining a light into this darkness and giving payers, brokers, and manufacturers the confidence to navigate this complex terrain.


sales accepted leads generated


total event traffic visited stand


increase in direct visits to website

Trade shows are often the epitome of bland – same stands, same messages, same faces. Truveris, therefore, wanted its stand at HLTH 2019 to be ‘bold and inspiring’.

We transformed the entire Truveris stand into a mysterious ‘black box’ and devised a supporting narrative that dismantles the opaqueness of the industry. The Truveris black box was the centerpiece of an immersive event experience that spanned pre, during and post-event marketing.

The ‘black box’ theme has worked so well for Truveris that it has now become a key message and a consistent element of their brand story across all communications.

The entrance to the black box was monitored by an imposing doorman who checked the credentials of every HLTH attendee queuing to find out #WhatsInTheBlackBox.

Inside the box, a magician dazzled attendees with a revelatory display of close-up magic. We also creative innovative giveaways and delivered live event reporting to help Truveris ‘steal the show’.

_ 20 sales accepted leads, converting to many $m pipeline
_ 10 business development sessions
_ 573 booth experiences (15% of entire event traffic)
_ 48% increase in direct traffic and 45% increase in organic search