Inventing a one-stop shop for contactless charitable giving

Tap for Change

Digital Experiences Labs

Inventing a one-stop shop for contactless charitable giving

Contactless payment methods have transformed the way that people pay for things but charities have struggled to keep up with the changes, causing a decline in the number of people making spontaneous charitable donations.

We decided to try and create an effortless way for charities to take contactless donations and, by so doing, help them to increase the number of regular, small donations from the general public.


400+ charities using Tap for Change boxes

£3.5k in one-off donations at one charity event

£25k+ monthly avg. donations through boxes


60% of everyday payments are now made by card and 3.4 million consumers say they’ve stopped using cash entirely.


A one-stop shop that enables charities to quickly get set up with contactless payment technology and transform the way they take donations.


Partnering with payment services provider LibertyPay to create – from scratch – the very first full-service offering for contactless donation technology for charities.

Being able to donate with a simple tap of a contactless card or smartphone has boosted donation income and will continue to revolutionise the Not For Profit sector.

Gino Colantuoni

Tap for Change has transformed our fundraising. It would take years to raise the same amount from people emptying their pockets of loose change, and the technology has allowed us to successfully approach high street partners who had been reluctant to host a coin collection box.

Alessandra Novelli
Corporate Partnerships Manager at Royal Trinity Hospice