Building businesses from the box up

Smurfit Kappa
Building businesses from the box up

Smurfit Kappa
Building businesses from the box up

Smurfit Kappa Group (SKG) is a world leading supplier of paper-based packaging, but had been so busy doing what they do – delivering clever solutions and helping their customers businesses to grow – that they hadn’t got around to talking about themselves.

They called Earnest in to help them build a public persona that does justice to what they offer: elevating perceptions of them from commodity supplier to valuable strategic partner.

Smurfit Kappa, Airport Banner of city landscape and a building coming out of a box
Smurfit Kappa Newspaper Press Ad with city building coming out of giant box

In broadsheets and City of London transport hubs, the campaign supported an investor relations push that helped Smurfit Kappa secure a place in the FTSE 100.

Integral to our comms strategy for SKG was developing a suite of through-the-line campaigns presenting their Smart family of solutions – SupplySmart, ShelfSmart and eSmart.

Smurfit Kappa Hero advert with boat transitioning into a supply chain and finishing with a plane tail • SupplySmart
Smurfit Kappa press advert with production line moving through the number 12 • eSmart
Smurfit Kappa 2 page magazine spread press advert with mountain biker racing downhill • SupplySmart
Smurfit Kappa A4 Magazine advert with truck and pile of boxes • SupplySmart

The creative platform we developed lended itself to promoting individual technologies, such as MB12, which we launched in Germany.

Smurfit Kappa A4 Magazine Advert

We also developed a creative idea that reflects their unique offering to graduates. The European campaign ‘Where will you take us?’ aims to build awareness of SKG’s graduate programme and increase the number of applications.