Maxify campaign

Maxify campaign

Maxify campaign

How do you make business owners see a printer as their next Star Employee?

Canon’s Consumer Imaging Group wanted to increase sales of its printers and scanners into small businesses through distribution and second-tier resellers. But there was a snag: Canon faced heavy competition and didn’t have a clear message to cut through and help its busy sales teams.

We needed to educate and inform the channel and end-users on what Canon could offer. Our insight was that for small businesses, choosing a printer is a bit like hiring a new team member.

Canon toolkit brochure • Canon Maxify campaign
Canon Toolkit brochure open on double page spread with copy and red icons • Canon Maxify campaign

So we gave each printer in the range a name, and brought its features and benefits to life as though they were the skills and attributes of a star employee.

Canon Press Ad Mockup featuring a red bike • Canon Maxify campaign
Canon Press Ads, featuring a cafe, and the other, a construction site with accompanying hardhat and mug of tea

We developed an interactive toolkit that included press ads, pull-up banners and a sales presentation.

Canon Leadboard advert, featuring a red bike • Canon Maxify campaign
Canon MPU banner featuring a cafe with blackboard in the background • Canon Maxify campaign
Series of 3 free standing Canon pull-up banners • Canon Maxify campaign



sales target reached within 4 months