The world has gone thoroughly digital, which goes some way to explaining why there is now a burgeoning appetite for meaningful, tactile experiences from B2B brands.

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver experiential brand activations and impactful live events that also integrate with wider B2B marketing programmes. Our end-to-end services range from innovation consulting and planning, all the way through to management and delivery.

Our experiential process


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Great B2B events and experiences start with understanding the objectives and the wider context behind the brief. Our immersion session quickly gets up to speed and everyone agreed on what needs to be done.

We cover:

  • The brief and reason behind the brief
  • The audience and objectives we need to achieve
  • The timings, budget and any dependencies

Experience design

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The best B2B experiences don’t happen by chance, planning and designing what needs to happen, how and when is at the essence of how we approach a programme.

During this stage we work with you to:

  • Reviewing the event itself, what competitors (if third party) will be present and what we need the audience to do at the event
  • Develop the event theme and how we will make this happen
  • Create the pre-, during- and post-event marketing plan

Pre-event marketing

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The run up to the event is an opportunity to get prospects lined up, customers involved and the sales team on-board and energised.

We plan a pre-event marketing approach involving:

  • Key customer targeting
  • Activation across social channels and paid media
  • Fulfilment of any third party event marketing packages

Event delivery & promotion

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We make sure B2B events aren’t stressful for our clients.

Our events team will be on-site to take care of:

  • third party suppliers – everything from AV to stand build to celebrities
  • internal stakeholders
  • on the day logistics and trouble-shooting

Post-event marketing

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To maximise the return on investment, we pay particular attention to the post-event marketing.

This involves:

  • Liaison with your sales team for customer and prospect targeting
  • Implementation of well planned tactics to maximise contact and engagement
  • Analysis of the programme with recommendations on how to optimise

Our experiential work

Our experiential insight