Announcing the new future of payments


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Biometrics. Blockchain. Contactless. Cryptocurrency. Open Banking. Real-time Payments.

Brand new fintech and payment innovations are emerging at a breakneck pace, making it difficult for everyone to stay fully up to date.

Mastercard New Payment Platforms wanted to take the lead by showing the world how payments are going to change within the next 10-15 years, whilst also showcasing Mastercard’s innovations, aligning products and telling a clear and consistent story to both internal and external audiences.


60+ qualified sales opportunities

313.4k organic social media impressions

No 1 share of voice at Sibos event


To capture people’s attention and imagination, we had to think big and elevate the Mastercard story from products and solutions to genuine thought leadership. It couldn’t just be different – it had to be useful.


The ‘Frictionless Future’ is the result of in-depth primary research and paints a vivid picture of the future of payments. This gives Mastercard a platform that invites colleagues and customers to realise this future together.


To solve the problem of making technological innovations emotive, tangible, and relatable, we created ‘Stories from the frictionless future of payments’ – a podcast series which, through compelling narration, brings stories of the imagined future of payments to life. Each podcast also includes expert analysis of the tech and themes presented through interviews conducted by the BBC’s Adam Shaw.

They said they'd never seen anything like it and thought the concept was utterly refreshing. I've got a meeting with them next week to tell the full story!

Customer feedback via Mastercard sales lead