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Brand Digital Experiences

Savanta is a research and insights company, newly-formed from five specialist agencies coming together to offer end-to-end integrated intelligence services.

When we built their new website we had to address three key challenges:

  1. the five legacy agencies each had their own websites with different UX, SEO and site structures
  2. the new site had to be user-friendly, future-proof and lead generation-focused
  3. it had to encapsulate the new brand look, feel and positioning, and also articulate how they take their service offerings to market.

We worked with key stakeholders to identify and map the online needs and requirements of the legacy businesses and develop a single, unified site that speaks to the needs and online behaviours of all Savanta’s customers. We built the site in WordPress, with HubSpot integration from day one, to give Savanta’s digital team a flexible, secure website that’s effortless to update – keeping their site as fresh as their thinking.


14,449 website visitors in the first three months


Research agency websites tend to be as staid and traditional as the research industry itself, giving us the perfect opportunity to build a website for Savanta that truly stands out amongst their competitors.


Through a comprehensive journey-mapping process we created a HubSpot-powered WordPress website that’s built around the customer’s needs first, and all supported by dynamic creative that gives the whole web experience a life of its own.


Threading the graphical device that sits at the core of Savanta’s visual identity throughout the entire web experience, with dynamic animations bringing the design and content to life.

The website is one of the most important parts of our business and it had to be perfect - from the way it looked and read, the user experience, to the mechanics behind the scenes. We're delighted with the result. It's a site that truly stands out against others in the market and it presents our new brand perfectly.

Lucy Strang
Marketing Director, Savanta