Starting a movement that changes the conversation


Brand Experiential

Starting a movement that changes the conversation

Kronos is one of the largest human resource technology providers in the US, creating cutting-edge platforms that bring businesses and employees closer together through data-rich insights.

To raise the brand profile of Kronos in Europe, we created a content-driven thought leadership campaign that included a collaborative study with Imperial College London and held a live event where a panel of HR influencers debated ‘the always-on con’


1 in 4 event response rate

450% increase in social followers

trending #alwaysoncon became a trending event on Twitter


The notion of being ‘always on’ – through new technologies and flexible ways of working – might actually be counter-productive, which gives us an intriguing counterpoint in this space.


We created ‘The Always on Con’ campaign, which allowed Kronos to ask ‘Is the relationship between technology and people fundamentally broken?’


Forming a coalition of industry influencers and devising an engaging programme of events, digital content and PR activities to facilitate a wide-reaching and meaningful debate.