Proving the strategic value of an overlooked partner


Content Strategy

Vodafone Group, the British multinational telecommunications conglomerate, wanted to change enterprise-level executives perception of them as being a tactical price-driven supplier to that of a trusted strategic partner.

We created an integrated digital content campaign that demonstrates Vodafone’s understanding of the issues facing executives today, on a content framework designed to adapt to any industry sector. This gave Vodafone’s European marketing teams the tools they needed to build relationships and raise its profile across all sales verticals.


Vodafone’s target audiences will only actively engage with a potential strategic partner that demonstrates a deep level of understanding about the issues faced by their business.


Relevant, useful content that demonstrates Vodafone’s grasp of current business challenges and offers a clear answer to the question ‘Why Vodafone’ – delivered in a scalable framework mapped against the full buyer journey and usable across all verticals.


Bringing sales into the marketing process from the start to ensure seamless consistency between the two departments and increasing the impact of messaging.


The results are commercially sensitive and therefore confidential.

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