Repositioning a tech and data player for global growth


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Repositioning a tech and data player for global growth

OAG had an amazing history at the heart of the aviation industry. But the world had changed, and OAG was ready to take on the future with a new strategy and evolved product portfolio.

We helped them bring this new vision to life with a rebrand and product portfolio alignment – helping them better engage with the B2B decision-makers critical to their future.


Data providers to the aviation industry were all talking around similar themes, but rarely aligning to C-Suite issues and ambitions. We developed the identity and positioning to help OAG elevate conversations and show how they could help customer CEOs achieve their goals.


‘Make smarter moves’ was the organising thought around the new OAG brand. Together with a cohesive, consistent new visual identity the new OAG brand resonated far better with the key B2B decision-makers they were looking to engage with.


As part of the rebrand, we worked with OAG’s product and strategy leaders to reframe and restructure their product portfolio around customer needs. This meant customers could navigate OAG solutions based on whether they were looking to ‘Grow’, ‘Streamline’ or ‘Delight’.