Reaching European audiences with a unifying thought


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Reaching European audiences with a unifying thought

ADP is one of the world’s leading payroll providers and, despite being extremely well known in the United States and having offices in most major European countries, isn’t as well known in Europe. We developed a brand awareness campaign targeted at five European markets and driven by a bold and differentiating message of ‘People Unboxed’.

It included a series of print, digital and OOH ads, a digital ‘census’ for HR leaders to gauge the happiness of their own teams, a thought leadership piece on workplace engagement from a survey of 2.5k people, and a multilingual podcast series featuring industry experts discussing the thought leadership findings.


Only 13% of employees feel engaged with the company they work for, but ADP offers HR a rich and untapped source of employee data and insight to combat this.


Use research, storytelling and authentic experiences to prove that “with ADP you don’t just pay your staff, you know your people.”


Make the benefits of ADP tangible through an engaging digital survey that helps HR leaders diagnose and address engagement issues in their teams, whilst doubling as a sales tool for ADP business dev teams.

Brilliant set of podcasts. Educational and relatable. It's refreshing to hear leaders speak about HR matters in a human and approachable manner. Highly recommend to anyone - whether you're an employee or a leader.

Collaborative ideologies expressed seem to be also very transferrable to personal life. Looking forward to giving them a go!

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