Think Small: Understanding how small businesses really buy

A new resource for marketers wanting to better reach & engage small businesses

Small businesses represent a huge opportunity for brands. But, despite good intentions, marketers are still failing to realise the true commercial potential and win the hearts and minds of small business customers.

  • 99.8% of EU businesses are SMEs (Source: Eurostat)
  • £1.8tn revenue is generated by SMEs in the UK alone (Source: Eurostat)
  • 70% of marketers believe the SME market is extremely important to their business (Source: CEB)
  • Yet 90% of brands struggle to identify and connect with actual small business decision-makers (Source: CMO Council)

Think Small: The start of something big

With this in mind, we’ve launched Think Small – an ever expanding set of insights, resources and real stories exploring how small businesses really buy.

Visit the new site and download the Think Small guide that we’ve created from research that we conducted in partnership with Imperial College London (no form fill necessary).

As a starter for ten, we’ve also created a new slideshare for you:

What next?

This summer, Earnest will embark on a first-of-its-kind Think Small tour of the UK to meet small business owners based in different industries across the nation and sharing the insights along the way.

Until then, we’re keen to keep adding to Think Small to continue to increase its usefulness to marketers everywhere. As such, if you have any great resources, research or case examples you’d love to share, they’ll be kindly received.