How well do you know your B2B benchmarks?

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How well do you know your B2B benchmarks?

Over the past few months, we’ve been digging deep into all of the most up-to-date facts and stats relating to the world of B2B.

“I love anything quiz related.”
– Natasha Hamilton

We’ve created a short video series on content marketing statistics (see below), we’ve dug up and shared all the essential benchmarks around videos and podcasts and we’ve gone all ‘open source’ and created a public google sheet that has all the benchmarks we’ve found so far for your to purloin at your leisure. 

But now we want to try something a little different.

Instead of giving all the answers away, we want you to see if you really know your onions when it comes to B2B benchmarks. Because let’s face it, if you want to be taken seriously in this industry, you really should do.

We’ve gathered together 15 so-easy-it’s-borderline-ridiculous questions into a short quiz so you can test out your B2B knowledge.

Let’s see how you get on – and if it doesn’t go well, feel free to freshen up your knowhow with the resources above!

Good luck!

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