Get ready to ride the next B2B marketing wave

Change doesn’t have to be scary.

But for more than half of people in the UK, that’s exactly what change feels like. 27% even said they feel panicked by it.

However, 80% of people in that same study admitted having regrets about not adapting to change in the past, and 75% admitted life would be better if they were more open to it.

Change is inevitable, whether we welcome it or not. It’s the people who embrace change quickest that are able to make it work for them, both in their lives and in business. In other words – good things come to those who seize the moment.

At Earnest, we work closely with our clients to help them identify and act upon incoming changes to give them a first-mover advantage. And right now, we want to help business-to-business marketers stay on top of the changes that are making waves across multiple industries.

That’s why we created Ride the wave – an exploration of the three major shifts affecting B2B marketing, a closer look at the businesses already seizing advantage, and practical advice on what your business needs to do to keep up.

From understanding how changes in ways of working have affected buyer behaviour, to recognising the implications of Gen-Z’s rapid rise into decision-maker roles, Ride the wave covers everything you need to know about and have a strategy for.

In addition, we are also running ‘Ride the Wave’ sessions, virtually and in person, to help businesses explore what these changes mean to them specifically, and help them identify the opportunities they present.

Availability for these sessions is limited, so if you think you might be interested in booking one for your company, please let us know sooner rather than later!

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(Header photo: Anastasia Hofmann on Unsplash)