You won’t believe what the retoucher does next!

Montana. Unspeakably beautiful with dramatic scenery, clear starry skies and all the fresh air you can inhale. It’s not every day you get to go there for a photoshoot.

For our Centrica Business Solutions campaign, we didn’t get to go to Montana either.

(To be fair, though, it was never really on the cards)

Here at Earnest, we don’t let time and budget hold us back creatively. With the right people and attitude anything is possible.*

“Montana can come to us then,” we said.
“We’ll build it anew, with our own rules,” we said.

Produced in-house, with savvy art direction and no small amount of retouching skill, this ad creative is a testament to what can be achieved with the right brief, the right idea and copious amounts of stock image manipulation.

Whilst original photography is often ideal, image creation like this comes a pretty close second. Plus we don’t have to take a planet-damaging flight. Win/win.

So you can see what goes into something like this, we did the helpful thing and made this video. And yes, your suspicions are correct, it has indeed been sped up. We’re fast, but we’re still human.

*Note from our lawyer: “This is untrue, but full marks for determination.”