Introducing ‘Out of the Ordinary’ – a new creative resource for B2B marketers

You know that old shtick about B2B marketing just not being that creative?

Not true.

Yes there is a lot of run of the mill, lowest common denominator B2B marketing stuff out there, but that’s just marketing generally, isn’t it?

For every marketer who is happy to settle for ‘okay’ because, well, it’s okay,  there’s a B2B marketer sticking their neck out and not playing by the rules.

Occasionally, these ‘agent provocateurs’ get the acclaim that they’re due (all hail Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic splits), but very often there is great work that has simply passed you by.

So we at Earnest thought it was time to celebrate the pioneers that are bravely pushing the boundaries.

We’ve created ‘Out of the Ordinary’ – a living, breathing resource which brings together the most interesting, progressive and occasionally left-field examples in B2B marketing.

Screenshot of the 'Out of the Ordinary' website – an online B2B marketing resource from Earnest

Out of the Ordinary builds on our B2B Ideas and Innovation Matrix from earlier in the year, which is still live and has even more examples.

Whether you’re a client-side marketer or agency maestro – here’s to making your next campaign out of the ordinary.

Take for a spin.


(Image: Nicola Gypsicola on Unsplash)