Earnest win in New York

We're delighted to have won (big) at the BMA New York Global ACE Awards in New York last night.

Against some incredibly tough competitors (US and global) we won Creative Agency of the Year, as well as a win for our small business research initiative Think Small, and a host of runner up trophies for our work for Samsung, Centrica, and Globalscape.

This is a big deal for us on two fronts.

Firstly, we’re doing more and more work with either US companies looking to grow their European operations, or European organisations looking to hit North America. This award is partly a testament to this ‘special relationship’ growing rapidly, at least within Earnest’s world! And secondly, Global ACE Awards this year has really majored on the importance of creativity. This is such refreshing thinking – as that’s why most people seek to enter this industry and it’s really what drives us all. It’s too easy to forget our raison d’etre.

So to be recognised as ‘Creative’ agency of the year is humbling indeed. Thanks to all who voted for us, and to our favourite New Yorker, Tom Stein, for encouraging us shy Brits to enter.

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(Header image from pexels.com)