Constructing a website that supports focused growth


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Constructing a website that supports focused growth

YSC is a premium leadership strategy consultancy. A serious business, but a business with a human heart.

We worked with YSC to create a new website that conveyed gravitas and depth, but retaining their approachable and personable character. The new website articulates their story, satisfies the needs of key audience personas, and delivers an experience both to customers and prospects that fully represents the brand.


The YSC team was full of experience, expert practitioners. But, this was not represented on their existing site, so we engaged directly with the expert stakeholders to develop the site’s content strategy and approach.


Our approach was to marry YSC’s gravitas with their personable approach through use of subtle visual branding techniques to convey the right tone across the site. We also ensured that we could ‘engender serendipity’ by cross-fertilising product pages with insights, people profiles and case studies.


The website was built with scalability in mind, and also self-maintenance. We designed the site to help YSC deliver regular PR updates and keep their content fresh – all in-house without the need for external developers.

All of YSC is thrilled with the new website and I want to thank the Earnest team for being such a terrific partner.
Their extraordinary client and project management was key to the success of our partnership and we are all very proud.

Shirley Jaffe,
Global Head of Commercial Team, YSC