Boldly launching: 5 ways to work your value proposition harder

So, you’ve written a value proposition. Now what?

It’s not easy to create an impactful value proposition, by which I mean one that’s positioned competitively, clearly differentiated, customer-centric, and a true reflection of your product or service’s strengths.

You’ll know that, too, if you read my recent post about it.

But it’s meaningful work, and it normally serves as the bedrock for a much larger ecosystem of activity – either you needed one because you’re launching a new product/service, OR you’re re-launching an existing product/service and wanted to give it some oomph. That tells us what needs to happen next.

Put simply, you need the world (your customer) to know about it.

Here are 5 ways to make your value proposition work as hard as you did when you were creating it.

1. Build a fanbase

A chorus is louder than a solo performance, so before you start spreading the word about your new value proposition, it pays to do a bit of internal activation. Making sure that the work is fully understood, adopted, and embedded within your teams will ensure that the message is heard by customers across every touch point. That means echoing the same message across your website, content, and sales communications.

To do this, I’d recommend making it easy to buy into by bringing key stakeholders and influencers from relevant teams (specifically, your sales team) along on the journey and by arming them with a toolkit they’re actually going to use to help sell the new proposition into your customers.

2. Go live (and exclusive)

Who doesn’t like a live preview? Inviting key customers and contacts to an exclusive launch event is a great way to showcase the significance of your new value proposition while building a network of external advocates who can speak confidently about your product’s or service’s objectives and impact.

The key to a successful launch is to build it into a larger, value-packed lineup of industry conversations. So, choose a theme that aligns with the direction your product or service is heading in, invite internal and external speakers, and captivate your audience before you launch your proposition. When it comes to the proposition itself, be sure to communicate why it’s relevant in today’s market, how you approached it, and what this means for your product or service going forward – and then signpost the next steps if they’d like to find out more from your team.

3. Create a buzz

This one’s an obvious one, create some assets that bring your value proposition to life. A video is the best way to do this, but keep it short – the aim is to create an engaging ‘trailer’ for your product or service, not to list your full catalogue of capabilities. This way, it can be used in a number of different ways – on your website, to kick off or close out pitches, or as part of an email nurture journey.

And it goes without saying you’ll need a few creative assets to keep the conversation going on social media. These can be circulated amongst your relevant teams so individuals can spread the word and speak about their involvement in the project.

4. Back it up

If you only take away one of these ideas, make it this one! The best way to get your new value proposition out into the world is to weave it into a larger piece of content – a podcast, interactive long-form content, or a series of video interviews.

Whatever format you choose, by leveraging your in-house expertise and creating an opportunity to ‘show’ your proposition in action, you’ll be able to demonstrate not just the proposition itself but its proof points.

5. Close the deal

And finally, make sure your value proposition is echoed through the entire customer journey – whether that means reviewing all touchpoints or speaking to your commercial team about updating their proposals or bids.


Ready to go bold and make your value proposition work harder? We can help with that.


(Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash )