Tap for Change: Creating a fit for purpose site

Tap for Change, the one-stop shop for contactless donation technology, has launched a new website to help charities learn about and choose the right contactless donation solution for their fundraising needs.

As well as giving an overview of how Tap for Change can help charities move from cash to card donations, the homepage also showcases a 1-minute video that explains the offering:

Fundraisers looking to change the way they take donations can choose from the three rental packages that are offered by Tap for Change. The basic package (standard versions of contactless donations boxes starting from £25 per month), the bespoke package (offering more branding on and around the boxes) and the premium package (where we can work together to devise a full marketing campaign around contactless donations)

The site also gives more information into our ‘sponsor a box‘ scheme – where Tap for Change can help charities fund their boxes each month and also give individuals or businesses a better way to donate to charities.

You can see the new site for yourself at tapforchange.org.uk