5 ways to make your next ‘quick win’ a success

‘Quick win’. The two words that strike fear in any agency. But sometimes a very necessary request.

Whether you need market visibility to fill a ‘lull’ whilst your brand awareness strategy is in the works. 

Or you need to get some leads to sales whilst your 12 month demand generation program is being set out. 

Sometimes you just need some quick and dirty marketing. 

But before you roll up your sleeves, make sure you can follow these 5 steps to quick win success.  

Ensure complete alignment on objectives & KPIs

The first question to ask, is why you need to do a ‘quick win’ campaign and therefore what would be an appropriate measure of its success. 

It is essential that you have all stakeholders onboard with this before you begin. 

If there is the slightest chance your objective of market visibility will be expected to deliver leads, then you are set to fail from the offset.

Minimise your review team

You need a small lean team that can approve and deploy activity quickly. Getting caught up in a large review process is not practical. 

If your objectives and KPIs have been approved from wider stakeholders, then a streamlined review team should be easier to put into effect. 

Audit your existing content and channels

Collate and review all existing content. 

Brands get tired of their marketing efforts long before their market does. So there could be content and assets ready to go, or prime for an update. 

And only use tried and tested channels. This isn’t the time to experiment with engagement, or to set up a new workflow.

Maintain progress on your long term strategy

If this doesn’t happen, and your objectives are not aligned, a quick win program can eclipse the focus of a marketing team. 

Before you know it your quick win program has become your long term strategy, adding greater expectations, mounting pressure and the probability of failed marketing goals.

Forget about awards

Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. 

Forget about Cannes. 

You have an objective so stick to it. 

Save that acceptance speech for your longer term strategy.