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3 things everyone’s talking about at CES 2021

Tech giants gathered from across the globe last week for the first all-digital Consumer Electronics Show, and going virtual certainly didn't kill the buzz.

CES is of course all about the latest in consumer tech. Whether your bag is B2C or B2B, it also offers an invaluable glimpse into the experiences of the future—that will likely impact every target audience, across every industry.

Here are the three hot topics from CES 2021 you should have on your radar:

1. 5G: today’s tech essential

5G was already big news at CES 2020 and this year 5G dominated the conversation.

Verizon Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg set the tone in his keynote address where he stated that 5G is “the framework of the 21st century” and “the essential tech of the present”.

Rather than far-off visions, most 5G discussions were focused around the ROI of 5G and new exciting use cases available today, like telemedicine and tele-education. There was also a flurry of interest around 5G smartphones and 5G PCs, cementing 5G’s entry into mainstream consumer electronics.

Then looking forward, in the future 5G connected cars could feature integrated 5G connectivity for in-vehicle entertainment systems, as well as vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Snazzy.

2. HealthTech for all

The pandemic has put the spotlight on our wellbeing—both physical and mental—pushing further developments in HealthTech.

New connected health and fitness product releases have been designed to reassure consumers and help us to live happier and healthier lives whilst the pandemic continues.

Taking to the CES digital stage was a whole host of wonderful innovations, ranging from smart cleaning products such as smart (wearable!) air purifiers, disinfection robots and UV disinfecting lights, to at-home workout equipment and wearable devices (featuring smart sensors and fabrics) which track and collect data from our body e.g. sleep patterns and heart rate.

3. Smarter home life

With many of us having to swap the office for the kitchen table this past year, there was a big focus on effective ways to work from home and living smarter, not harder.

CES 2021 hosted plenty of exhibitors presenting products to make both work time and down time more enjoyable and productive. From LG’s InstaView, which lets you see what’s cooking inside an oven with just a double tap, to Belgian start-up Nobi’s smart lamp, that uses AI to detect when someone has taken a fall (such as an elderly person who lives alone) and sends an alert for help, for example.

To enable all this smart home tech, another key conversation was around whole-home Wi-Fi (AKA mesh Wi-Fi) routers, which extend wireless networks and optimise home networks that support numerous devices. Some even say this could be the best thing to happen to home Wi-Fi

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If you want to experience all this first-hand, you can still register to watch all the content from CES 2021 and get all the detail on the exhibitors and presentations until the 15th Feb.

And if you’d like any help with creating your own content around any of these three trending topics, let us know. These are our jam.

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(Photo: Domenico Loia on Unsplash)


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