16 tell-tale signs you work in B2B marketing

You know it, they know it, we all know it – B2B Marketing is where it’s at.

Whether you leapt joyfully into a career in B2B or sleepwalked into your current role, it’s now time to celebrate your prized place in the world.

And this will help: our brand new, fully updated list of dead giveaways that you work in the greatest niche industry on Earth.

You know you work in B2B marketing when:


[Header photo: Marion Michele on Unsplash]

1.    Your Mum has no idea who any of your clients are – despite every one of them being bigger than the company that makes her favourite fabric softener.

2.     You’re convinced that a multi-million pound campaign budget would be frivolous.

3.     At every event you go to, a presenter (still) shares that video of a burnt-out actor wedged between two lorries.

4.     After spending 8 hours in a workshop with a group of finance directors, you find every one of them to be an inspirational role model.

5.     Someone mentions their ‘tech stack’ and you don’t for one second think they’re talking about their old Hi-Fi.

6.     You count 16 leads as being ‘a highly successful campaign’ (okay, it did bring in £32m).

7.     Influencer marketing means persuading a 55 year-old ‘keynote speaker, guru and growth ninja’ to retweet your post.

8.     Every client wants one of those people from ‘Dragon’s Den’ for their campaign “to show we really get small businesses” until they find out how much they cost.

9.     You get home and your partner doesn’t ask ‘What did you do today?’ anymore.

10.     There’s an awards category called ‘Best integration of sales and marketing’ that you really would like to win.

11.     A client asks you to “Get creative with our sales deck” and there is zero irony in their voice.

12.     Someone tells you they’ve been doing ABM and instead of asking ‘What?’ you ask ‘What type?’

13.     You know that ‘business travel’ means Welwyn Garden City not New York City.

14.     Your client’s buying cycle is so long, their CMO has changed jobs at least three times before any of the leads you’ve generated for them convert into sales.

15.     You’ve been told the creative “needs toning down” because it stands out too much.

16.     Google thinks you’re a marketing automation-loving pharmacist with an interest in quantum computing, Dutch air cargo logistics and OTC derivatives trading.

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[Header photo: Marion Michele on Unsplash]