Taking the effort out of being a cutting-edge organisation


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Taking the effort out of being a cutting-edge organisation

Vodafone Group, the British multinational telecommunications conglomerate, wanted to strongly position itself as a thought-leader and the go-to enterprise partner for Software Defined Networking (SDN).

We developed an end-to-end programme of activities designed to share Vodafone’s SDN expertise and educate large enterprise customers around this new and potentially revolutionary networking technology.

From securing the input and buy-in of board-level executives, ensuring Sales are fully onboard and actively engaging customers and prospects, and delivering a high impact live event and content series, the programme exceeded expectations and targets.


37% of annual target for Innovation workshops achieved in 8 weeks

20% of annual target for insight pack registrations achieved in 8 weeks


Large organisations are interested in SDN but are struggling to separate the hype from the reality to fully understand what it means to them – which is delaying the decision to invest.


Educate business customers about the value of this new approach to network management by sharing Vodafone’s expertise and create a ‘low risk’ call to action that would drive more organisations to engage Vodafone around their specific needs.


Developing a 5-step engagement model – starting with an SDN Innovation Workshop for customer teams – to encourage more organisations to explore SDN’s potential with Vodafone, sooner rather than later.


  • Innovation workshops scheduled – 37% of annual target achieved in 8 weeks
  • Sign-ups to the gated Future of Networks insight pack – 20% of annual target achieved in 8 weeks
  • Lowest cost per lead – Paid media campaign has achieved the lowest cost per lead (CPL) ever for Vodafone
  • Most visited page – SDN page on the Digital Sales Hub is already the most visited page across the whole portal

Our SDN Campaign has been an overwhelming success since we launched two months ago. Our customer content and sales enablement has been declared as Best in Class across our other OpCos.

Nicola Baker
Business Propositions Manager - SDN