Who is powering your Summer holiday?

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Who is powering your Summer holiday?

Last month, our usually boisterous office was much quieter than usual because, like a lot of other offices across London, it was peak time for people to go on holiday.

With so many travellers in the air, have you ever wondered how your airline chooses when to fly? Or how it made the decision on when to make a connection?

As I also prepared to head off for a glorious two weeks in sunny LA, I began to think more about the companies that make it possible for 1.4 billion travellers to make international journeys every year (1).

The travel industry is brimming with innovative brands that help people get from point A to point B. Here at Earnest, we have had a chance to work with some of these incredible companies – the powerhouses that sit behind making travel real, enjoyable and intelligent. 

We’ve learned a lot about what goes on behind the curtain and for those jetting off somewhere this summer we thought we’d show you some of the companies that you may come in contact with – with or without knowing. 

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Stage 1: Where do I go?

For pleasure: Instagram – Where the adventure begins

Inspiration strikes on Instagram and many of us (me included) use the platform to discover new places 

For some, Instagram is more than a place of discovery – it’s a major factor when choosing a destination: 40% of those under 33 prioritize ‘Instagrammability’ when choosing their next holiday spot (2)

For business travellers: Egencia – Making the most of business travel

The lines between traveling for business versus pleasure are blurring -75% of business travellers extended business trips for leisure purposes in the past year, in most cases multiple times (3)

As more business travel becomes just travel, people are expecting corporate travel booking to be as easy and convenient as what they use in their everyday lives

That’s where Egencia comes in- with a wide selection of flights and hotels, travellers can book themselves through a user-friendly app 

Stage 2: Getting there

Atcore – Powering travel

Running a tour operator business isn’t easy – in particular, being able to offer the perfect combination of flights, hotels and all those extras such as hire cars and transfers to meet your needs

The ability to dynamically package the right holiday for you is essentially one hell of a big data challenge – scouring available inventory, pricing it correctly and presenting it all to you in near real-time

Behind the scenes, Atcore’s reservation platform is frequently at play making it possible – with lightning speed and accuracy 

OAG – Make smarter moves

17.3 million seats were estimated to be filled by those departing UK airports during August (4).

With so many travellers in the air, have you ever wondered how your airline chooses when to fly?  Or how it made the decision on when to make a connection? It very well could’ve relied on OAG

OAG is the data and intelligence that sits behind air travel, helping the travel industry move smarter with real-time travel data and insights

Stage 3: On the journey

Global Eagle – Bring the world to you

Entertainment and connecting to WiFi is a huge part of making travel enjoyable today, with 60% of passengers believe inflight Wi-Fi is a necessity not a luxury (5)

But when we stop to think about, it’s pretty amazing– How do we connect to satellites while 30,000ft in the air? And how do remote areas have access to the latest and best movies available?

Whether on air, land or sea Global Eagle helps travellers have access to the entertainment and connectivity services they’ve come to expect.


These are just some of the companies that are helping to make travel smarter and better today, and hopefully gives you a glimpse at all the workings that have made all our holidays possible this summer. 



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