The Yes Factor: how to persuade business buyers to say yes

A little science can go a long way.

As marketers, we’re in the business of persuasion. Every day we persuade people we often don’t know to do everything from open our emails, download our content to attend our events – and even once in a while buy something from us.

The thing is getting business people to buy often requires lots of micro-yes’s along the path to purchase. But whilst making micro-yes’s, people are still people and not quite as rational as you may think.

People are people, even your B2B buyers, and not quite as rational as you think

This slideshare, a labour of love for Earnest and several months in the making, seeks to explain why. Building on some of the latest thinking in behavioural economics and our own experiences as B2B marketing practitioners, we hope to build a compelling case as to why the micro-yesses matter – and share some insights into how best to persuade your business buyers to say yes.

We call it the Yes Factor: make sure you’ve got it.