The Hyperbole – A fun new Twitter-inspired game

We created a game to see which people and brands were the most hyperbolic on twitter. You’ll never guess what we found out.


‘Hyperbole’: Extreme exaggeration to make a point. The opposite of an understatement. From the Greek word meaning “excess”.

Now that we live in an age of the hyper-opinionated armchair critics, ‘Hyperbolic’ is a word that could be used to describe roughly 90% of tweets or Facebook posts.

And with the king of hyperbole, President Trump, spitting out tweets full of BIG CAPS and lots of exclamation marks!!!!, we wanted to explore a bit further the use of hyperbole on social networks.

So, we decided to make a fun multiplayer online game called (very originally), ‘The Hyperbole’.

The game is very simple. Simply pop in two twitter handles and let the wizardry of our machine analyse and spit out who’s ‘fulla more baloney than a good deli sandwich.’

You’ll be scored for all your hyberbolic tweets – racking up points for words like ‘maddest’, ‘hell’ and ‘great’ and gaining a few extra bonus points for the Trump CAPS and the odd #HashTag.

This game is particularly fun if you want to:

  • See how much like Trump you are on twitter
  • Find out which of your friends/colleagues/favourite celebrities are the most shouty
  • See which of your beloved brands is highest on the BS chart

An enjoyable little experiment into tweeting hyperbole

Just for fun, we thought we would take a look at the official twitter accounts of the top 20 most valuable b2b brands and see who topped the hyperbolic charts.

(For reference Donald Trump spits out an impressive score of 78 whereas humble old Earnest scores just 25)

Here’s what we found

Congratulations to the three most understated b2b brands on twitter:

Microsoft: 13 points (which is pretty mad when you consider this video)

Huawei: 13 points

SAP: 16 points.

A shout out to the most hyperbolic b2b brands out there:

IBM: 44 points

HP Enterprise: 47

CITI: A huge 55 points (confirming the brash banker stereotype??)

What did we learn?

Very little. 🙁

Anyway – go and try it out. It’s both a fun and amusing way to while away the hours at work.