Employee engagement using iBeacon: The Misys case study

Who said innovation was the sole domain of B2C marketers?

At the turn of the year – in the usual round of predictions for things to watch in 2015, proximity marketing was not short of mentions.

In fact, the retail industry has been positively falling over itself at the prospect of hyperlocal targeting – being able to push messages to the mobile devices of willing punters based on their location.

However, if you dismissed proximity marketing as the sole domain of B2C marketers, it may now be time to reconsider.

As proof, we wanted to share with you a case study of how we used proximity marketing – and specifically iBeacon in a B2B context for Misys, a leading provider of financial software, globally.

Our task was to create an army of brand ambassadors across the company – informed, educated and inspired as part of a programme to launch the new Misys brand. Using iBeacon, we hoped to gamify the experience – and show that innovation needn’t be confined to our friends in B2C. All credit to Misys who charted uncharted waters. Hopefully, the results speak for themselves.

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