Earnest gives a voice to Vodafone’s 5G business offering

Still image from the Vodafone 5G Flash Briefing promotional animation • ‘Earnest gives a voice to Vodafone's 5G business offering’

Earnest gives a voice to Vodafone’s 5G business offering

Everyone knows we're the agency that chases the humdrum out of B2B marketing, but what does that look like?

As part of our work with Vodafone Business to help them launch their 5G offering, we devised a series of podcasts, hosted by Jason Bradbury, as well as a flash briefing on Alexa Skills that provides daily news updates from the world of 5G.

These decidedly un-humdrum activities have been covered by The Drum and B2B Marketing and we’ll be sharing a full case study about it all very soon.



B2B marketing agency Earnest has launched a podcast series and Alexa Flash Briefing to promote Vodafone Business’s 5G offering. 

The new Business Beyond Limits Podcast

The three-part podcast series Business Beyond Limits sees The Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury tackle some of the biggest questions in tech today and predict what a 5G-enabled future holds for business. The podcasts are available on all of the top platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

The episodes explore the topics of dangerous jobs, autonomous vehicles and trustworthy robots. They feature real-life stories from those using IoT in business, including fire-fighting drones, rubbish-collecting robots and cars that can see around corners. 

Content marketing innovation with Flash Briefings

The weekly Flash Briefing skill enables Amazon Echo users to have Alexa tell them the latest news and developments in 5G simply by asking their device to “play my Vodafone 5G flash briefing”. 

Keeping up with content consumption preferences

Both the podcast and the Flash Briefing mark a shift in the type of content used to reach today’s business audience in line with changing audio content consumption trends.

Currently, 21.9% of internet users globally say they use a smart speaker at least once a month and 52% of households with a smart speaker say they use it daily.

In turn, over a third of LinkedIn users listen to podcasts, including 44% of senior decision-makers. 

Tracey Tallis, Head of Propositions, Vodafone Business, said “Vodafone’s 5G network is now live in seven cities across the UK with more to follow soon. Businesses need to know it’s more than just another G – it opens up a whole host of new opportunities for them to transform the way they operate. We developed this new content series with Earnest to showcase what’s possible – in a way that’s engaging, interesting and, most importantly, useful.”

Paul Hewerdine, Head of Strategy & Planning at Earnest, said “Vodafone wanted to cut through the hype and make 5G relevant and meaningful to business people. We felt that telling real-life stories and gathering the perspectives of businesses at the cutting-edge was a compelling way to do this. Podcasts and Alexa Flash Briefings provide a captivating and novel way to reach and engage our audience with content that’s genuinely interesting, informative and immersive. Once again, it’s proof B2B doesn’t need to be boring.”

Listen to the Business Beyond Limits podcast at: smarturl.it/businessbeyondlimits

Enable the Alexa Flash Briefing at: https://tinyurl.com/y2ajdbcm. Or ask your Echo device: “Alexa, Enable the Vodafone 5G Flash Briefing.”




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