Not all stats make you smarter

If you work in influencer marketing, you may have had a bit of a Halloween scare today when you read this headline:

“Grey and YouGov find 96% of people in the UK do not trust what influencers say”


[Header photo: Steve Gale on Unsplash]

So does this mean we all now have to knock our influencer marketing on the head?

Not really, no.

Saying that ‘people don’t trust influencers’ is like saying ‘people aren’t affected by marketing’.

No one thinks ads work – that’s how ads work.

In 1999, two university researchers tried out an idea in a wine shop. On one day the shop played nothing but German music, and then on the next day they played only French tunes.

On the French music day, French wine outsold German wine by 300%.

On the German music day, German wine outsold French by the exact same margin.

The kicker? 90% of shoppers said they had no idea what type of music had been playing.

The moral of the story, then, is that people’s conscious reactions don’t dictate their purchasing behaviours.

Please don’t base your marketing strategies on what people say – base them on what people do.

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[Header photo: Steve Gale on Unsplash]