Crunching the video marketing numbers

Video is becoming an important part of the senior B2B buyer’s journey.

In fact: 76% of executives watch business videos at least once per week

So start resonating with time-poor execs using our stat-based answers to all your video marketing questions.

1. How should I use them? 

68% of customers said their favourite way to learn about a new product is a short video.

Videos make great explainers.

They can also clinch a deal.

75% of late-stage prospects who receive a personalised video make a purchase.

2. How should I structure them?

Match your structure to the video length

If you want to make sure that you get your message across to 75% of your viewers, here’s how long you have to get the important details across :

Length of video (seconds)Window to reach 75% of viewers
60First 54 seconds
120First 48 seconds
240First 120 seconds
600First 180 seconds
1200First 240 seconds
>1200First 10% of video

3. How do I optimise videos for different social channels?

The optimal length depends on the channel:

LinkedIn – 15 seconds (MAX 30 minutes)

Twitter – 45 seconds (MAX 2 minutes and 20 seconds)

Facebook – 60 seconds (MAX 240 minutes) 

Instagram – 30 seconds (MAX 1 minute)

BONUS TIP – Use captions in case the video is watched on mute – like 85% of Facebook videos are.

4. How often should I post videos?

It depends on your industry – but probably more often than you think.

High tech and professional services brands publish the most videos a year (425 and 381 respectively), while the public sector publishes least frequently – but still 143 videos a year.

And smaller companies don’t necessarily publish less often.

Businesses with 31-200 employees publish an average of 510 videos a year.  That’s almost twice as much as companies with 601-5000 employees.

And even businesses with <30 employees are averaging 174 – almost one every other day.

5. Where should I put videos?

Videos can give your email marketing a huge boost

Only 55% of markets put videos in their emails, but including a video can boost email CTR by 200-300%. Even including the word video in the subject line can increase open rates by 7%

They also give website visitors that extra push to get in touch.

Keeping a video at the top of your website can increase conversion by up to 80%

6. When should I post videos?

Aim for midweek mornings. 

B2B buyers are most likely to view videos in the morning – peaking around 9-11am on Thursdays.

7. How do I measure their effectiveness?

Different objectives need different metrics. 

For example, click-through rates aren’t always applicable if you’re trying to raise brand awareness, so here are some more meaningful metrics courtesy of the IAB:

View-through rates

How many people are watching to the end? And when are they dropping off?


How are people reacting with the video? Likes, comments, shares?

Incrementality – This is a bit more complicated. But it basically means testing video with an online audience, and comparing it to a control group – so you can actually figure out how many viewers are going through to your website because of the video.

Mastering video marketing can be a learning curve – but it’s well worth the effort. If you want some help making the most of video to engage your audiences, drop us a line.

~ This post is part of the Earnest Crunching the numbers series ~


[Header photo: Chris Lawton on Unsplash]


[Header photo: Chris Lawton on Unsplash]