Brief Encounter: Airbnb

Brief Encounter is our new monthly get-together inviting people from all over the agency to flex their creative muscles. We set a fictional brief, provided a few drinks and some food, and got to work – against the clock.

We gathered in the boardroom for the briefing and randomly drew teams, giving them two hours to come up with an innovative and creative solution to our problem. At the end of the evening we reconvened to present back our concepts.

For the first brief our objective was simple: “Make Airbnb the executive’s choice for business travel.”

Airbnb, the online rental market place for short and long-term lodging, is thriving in the consumer market, but is yet to make substantial inroads in the corporate travel space.

Our teams put their heads together to come up with ways to raise awareness of Airbnb’s business offering – helping them take a bigger piece of the $1 trillion pie that makes up the business travel market.

The teams came back with a variety of advertising ideas ranging from print to TV. There were other ideas including the Airbnb business travel city guide app, an emotionally engaging PR campaign and a Spotify playlist-style website – listing the ideal properties for different business types or trips.

The night was a great success and the pick of the best ideas from our teams can be seen in the Slideshare below.