B2B Marketing Ideas and Innovation: All the inspiration you need in one handy resource

The B2B marketing Ideas and Innovation matrix

Back in late January, we stumbled across a Medium post by Eric Stromberg – sharing his Startup Idea Matrix.

It got us thinking.

How could we create a matrix for B2B marketing professionals out there that could inspire people around our own passion?

The result is the B2B marketing Ideas and Innovation matrix – a living and breathing resource that brings together case examples from across the industry.

Categorised by sector and tactic, it shares the interesting, progressive and sometimes left field executions that we think firmly challenge the view that B2B is for dullards.


You’ll find the matrix here. Click on the links that take your fancy and feast on the ideas. We hope they inspire you to think differently about your next campaign.

This is just the start of it

While the matrix has become something of a labour of love for Earnest, you’ll notice there are still an awful lot of gaps.

That’s where you come in – we need your help to continue to build this matrix. With that in mind, please do share any examples that have set your imagination alight. Simply drop them on an email to matrix@earnest-agency.com.

We can’t guarantee to include all examples provided but we’ll continue to update the matrix as best we can.

Thanks must also go to all those who have contributed to date – and for those whose work features here. And apologies for the occasional dodgy categorisation, bear with us on that one.

Enjoy. And remember in the words of one of my esteemed colleagues, James Wood:

“Just do something interesting”

B2B Marketing Ideas & Innovation Matrix:

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