ABM and the art of dating

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ABM and the art of dating

Account based marketing (ABM) is – in case you don’t know – an approach which makes use of personalisation through data to create tailored content that speaks to the specific interests of individual prospects instead of the general attitudes of an entire industry.

The best way to achieve lasting relationships through ABM is by identifying the common ground between you and your prospect and nurturing it

87% of B2B marketers agree that ABM delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities and this is due to the fact that 75% of customers prefer personalised offers. Moreover, companies that have implemented ABM report an 84% improvement in reputation and a 74% improvement in customer relationships.

Despite the clear benefits of ABM, many marketers find it a challenge. This is often due to bad targeting, a lack of tailored content, and follow-up on the wrong leads.

This is why ABM is a lot like dating – if it’s a bad match to begin with, it’s never going to work out. And you often have to meet many people before the right one comes along.

Here, then, are our top 4 top dating tips that every ABM marketer needs to know

1. Rely on your wingman

Finding the right new prospect is just like finding a date – both are easier with a wingman. In life, we look to our friends to help us out, or technology through dating apps. The same thinking can be applied to ABM.

Search for press releases, conduct LinkedIn searches and reach out to your professional network to help find your way to the right account. This will result in higher returns and greater resource allocation efficiency.

2. Do your homework 

Cheesy, generic pick-up lines almost never close the deal. Knowing a little bit about your date beforehand helps you to find the conversation starter to get things off to a good start. 

In ABM, thorough research is essential to tailoring your message to their interests and  making a great first impression. If you learn your date is into cats, you’re not goint to talk about dogs – likewise, if your ABM prospect is into future trends, don’t talk about results. 

3. Find your common ground

At the heart of the most enduring relationships, you will find a bedrock of shared interests that both people are able to enjoy together for years to come. 

Equally, the best way to achieve lasting relationships through ABM is by identifying the common ground between you and your prospect and nurturing it – otherwise, it will never become anything more than a potentially great first meeting that quickly fizzles out. 

4. Choose your moment

Even when your wingman has done their job, you’ve done all your homework, and even found some fertile common ground, you will sometimes find you are still not on the same page with your desired prospect. 

You need, therefore, to read all the signs and pay close attention to any signals your prospect is giving off so you can spot the perfect moment to sweep them off their feet.


If you ever want a little help with finding your special someone(s), we’d be only too happy to help.


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