Open Minded Banking

Open Minded Banking

How banks can open up new conversations with small businesses

It’s crunch time for small businesses, and COVID-19 means their relationship with their banks is more important than ever. But how can financial services providers understand and engage their SMB customer base through a time of crisis?

Almost 80% of SMBs are open to switching banks

Customer decisions aren’t always logical, which is why traditional firmographics don’t work when targeting SMB banking customers. It’s more about their mindset, and how open-minded they are to additional services and support.

Our report brings together research and data on what SMBs want from their banks, exploring how to open up new conversations and secure their customer base.

Understanding the different SMB customer mindsets can help ensure longer, more lucrative relationships.

Our research looks into:

How financial services providers can identify the businesses most open to switching after COVID-19 (and purchasing high-value services)

How they can cultivate this open, engaged mindset in apathetic businesses who may now be asking for more from their banks

How they can keep their small business customer base secure when the dust settles

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Find out how banks can open up new conversations with small businesses