Launching Centrica Business Solutions in the US

Resilience means different things to different audiences. In the world of business energy, it means the difference between staying operational during an unplanned power outage and losing millions of dollars through unscheduled downtime.

That was the message we had to convey to audiences in multiple international territories, including North America, in our globally-integrated ‘Resilience’ campaign for Centrica’s newly-launched B2B division: Centrica Business Solutions. 

To organize and focus all of our thinking, on every level of the campaign, we constructed a simple, compelling narrative:  

The energy world has changed. In addition to multiplying sources of energy, extreme weather events and environmental considerations have added to the growing challenge of being able to balance supply and demand. 

Businesses can no longer take access to a consistent power supply for granted. Business resilience now means having energy resilience.

Our creative execution for this campaign focused on bringing to life the often unexpected causes of power outages that affect businesses – and their inevitability. 

We had to factor a wide set of variables into our thinking, including lifestyle differences, nuances of language, cultural reference points – even weather patterns – so that the campaign message was not only consistent but deeply resonant.

For example, ‘extreme weather’ is one of the top causes of unplanned power outages. But extreme weather events in San Francisco aren’t necessarily going to be of the same character as extreme weather as it’s experienced in Houston or Boston, so we had to dig into the research and ensure that our campaign imagery was accurate and relatable across multiple states. 


Read the full Centrica case study here

To deliver a frictionless North American campaign launch, we factored in the size and various locations of Centrica’s US team early in the planning and strategy phase of the campaign’s development – many people on Centrica’s team were based in different regions, so we also made ourselves available to accommodate and adapt to multiple people’s schedules.

In effect, we worked as an extension of the Centrica Business Solutions team in the US – setting up the campaign on Pardot (building nurture journeys, scheduling emails and managing all ongoing reporting) to alleviate the operational pressures on the US team.

Post-launch, we continued to work hand in hand with Centrica’s US team to deliver ongoing reporting and optimisation throughout the campaign to make sure the campaign had the best possible performance. 

The success of this campaign, along with an increasing number of client interests in the United States encouraged us to open an office in New York City. This allows us to be even more aligned with our US clients than ever before.


Read the full Centrica case study here