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Is it possible to elevate a brand from product provider to strategic partner?

And get it onto the radar of enterprise-level senior executives across all verticals?

And entrench a brand platform by creating a robust, adaptable and magnetic marketing programme?

And give international teams the tools they need to deploy it?

Yes as it turns out

But Vodafone? They’re just a mobile operator, aren’t they?

Vodafone Adverts Examples • Global Content Marketing

Most of us know Vodafone as a mobile phone operator, but their offering is much broader than many people realise. In fact, Vodafone can support a business’s total communications strategy – helping organisations become better connected and more agile, and to get closer to customers with innovative technology and solutions.

Our job?

To provide Vodafone’s European marketing teams with the wherewithal to change the way senior executives and business owners saw them.

Out with Vodafone, tactical price-driven supplier

In with Vodafone, trusted strategic partner.

Of course, it was going to take much more than an advertising campaign to get Vodafone’s sales team in front of the right people. But what should be the plan of attack?

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Building a content framework with actual, useful content

Step One, written on silver background with white lettering • Global Content Marketing

Not to bang a familiar Earnest drum, but these days far too much content doesn’t have any actual…content.

So for Vodafone we concentrated on creating an integrated digital campaign built on a foundation of engaging and useful information that demonstrated Vodafone’s grasp of the issues facing executives today.

This earned Vodafone executive attention and allowed them to build relationships based on real empathy.

Creating a content chameleon

Step two written on silver background in white lettering • Global Content Marketing

The content framework had to be completely adaptable to any industry sector and map out the relevant content for every stage in the buyer journey.

Content Framework shown as three circles, one on top of the other, with lines connecting them • Global Content Marketing

Every angle had to be covered

Vodafone, Ready Cities Tech Guide example • Global Content Marketing Illustration of person using maps on computer screen • Global Content Marketing Technology is making cities smarter advert with city landscape and construction crane • Global Content Marketing Vodafone email with city landscape, construction crane and ship graphic in the banner • Global Content Marketing Vodafone Ready Cities Guide • Global Content Marketing Vodafone why Vodafone for Ready Cities Guide • Global Content Marketing

Making it fit for anything

Step 3 on silver background in white lettering • Global Content Marketing

In Vodafone, marketing budgets vary considerably from country to country. So the framework was cleverly designed to include a few key pieces that could be employed quickly and cost-effectively. It also enabled sales and marketing to align their messages accordingly.

We began by piloting two verticals: Retail and Healthcare.

Vending machine with red bottles and an ice-cream fridge graphic • Global Content Marketing Vodafone Tweet with link to Blog • Global Content Marketing Vodafone illustrations: Hot Air Balloon, Vodafone Sales Person, Mobile, Rucksack, Smart Bank sheriff's badge, Schedule Check list on click board • Global Content Marketing Vodafone Infographic example, with graphics based on a mobile and store based fro-yo company • Global Content Marketing Vodafone Brochure open on page with woman using multiple applications on her computer graphic • Global Content Marketing Vodafone's: Why Vodafone for Retail brochure • Global Content Marketing Vodafone's: Ready Healthcare brochure • Global Content Marketing

Then we followed up with three more – Finance, Smart Cities and Utilities. More are in planning for 2017.

Vodafone's Ready Utilities Guide with pipes graphics and engineer with iPad and toolbox • Global Content Marketing iPad screen with Vodafone Ready Utilities electronic brochure with engineer graphic • Global Content Marketing Vodafone's Ready Finance 10 Minutes Sales Guide • Global Content Marketing Vodafone's: Why Vodafone for Utilities Guide with shop sprouting pipes and technology out of its walls and roof • Global Content Marketing Vodafone's Ready Cities Guide with signal symbols coming out of a boat, construction crane, factory and cloud • Global Content Marketing

But has it worked?

The results are commercially sensitive and therefore confidential.

Yep. That old chestnut.

But if it helps, we provided the results at the recent B2B Marketing awards – and those judges are pretty hot on the numbers. The programme picked up Best use of Content Marketing.

More importantly, how is it working for Vodafone on the shop floor? We’ll let one of the Sector Sales Managers answer that one:

“We just closed a very large deal with a major UK retailer. Ready Retail was the framework for our approach.”