European Launch Campaign

European Launch Campaign

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Earnest Agency - European Launch Campaign

Everybody’s heard of Samsung.

Chances are, if you haven’t got one of those Apple iThingies in your pocket, you have a gorgeous Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

And if you don’t own one, you’ll know they’re capable of the myriad mini miracles we’ve come to depend on our smartphones to provide all day, every day.

But whereas the Samsung brand, and the flagship Galaxy product, both had long-established credibility in the consumer electronics world, there was still a big opportunity to move into the business space.

Because the people at Samsung have long understood that in business, technology can be as much a frustration as an enabler.

In your personal life, you just pick a smartphone, choose all the applications that work for you, organise your security (of course you do) and – bam! – Bob’s married to your Aunty Jane.

And at work?

That’s where it gets complicated.

Data security is such a nuclear-grade concern for today’s corporations that most people learn to live with nasty old legacy systems and ghastly incompatibility issues.

The idea of simply being able to use the same apps, the same software and the same devices for your business and personal life seems as far fetched as the dream Kevin Costner had in that film about baseball.

Which I still maintain was preposterous, even if they did make it come true in the film. Build it, and realistically, Kevin, they almost certainly won’t come because it’s ever such a long way away from anywhere convenient and also they’re mostly dead.

But Samsung understood both the dreams of the individual employee and the constraints of the poor sleep-deprived CTO. And they knew that they could turn their considerable equity as a premium consumer brand to their advantage.

We worked together to develop a content-led campaign to build Samsung’s reputation as a business brand.

The content showed corporate decision-makers how they could make significant numbers of employees significantly more engaged by providing them with consumer-grade tech at work – and showcased the clever solutions Samsung has developed to wipe out the associated concerns about business data security.

And it wasn’t just any old content.

It was thought-provoking, fresh, insightful content that introduced technology professionals to the “Amplified Individual”, a new breed of employee whose consumption of technology is almost as natural and as constant as their consumption of oxygen.

These employees have come of age today’s technological world, where intuitive, user-friendly, compatible, seamless technologies are expected, rather than hoped for. Anything less will cause irritation and bafflement.

And thanks to our friends at Samsung, CTOs are free to offer devices that will irritate and baffle no more – while keeping security paramount.