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It’s a no-brainer: great thought leadership gets people talking. It’s provocative, inspiring and helpful. It has something new to say. And it’s just the kind of content we create at Earnest.

We make content that people read, watch and listen to. Content that people share with their peers, managers and chums. Content that is worth the time and the effort to click, open and download. Content that starts conversations, leads to sales and wins awards.

Did you know…

47% of C-suite execs will contact sales after reading quality thought leadership

49% of decision-makers say thought leadership influences their purchase decisions

15% of decision-makers consider the thought leadership they read to be ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’

Our content helps clients stay ahead of the competition


The challenge

How could Mastercard make both internal teams and customers feel inspired about the future of payments?

The Solution

We developed a future-gazing internal report exploring five key avenues where business and payments will dissect. Furthermore, we created narrated short stories for an event stand at international financial summit Sibos that revealed that such science fiction is becoming closer to fact with Mastercard.

The Frictionless Future campaign achieved a global reach of more than 767,000 people, almost 7,300 content downloads, over 60 qualified sales opportunities, and the signing of a multi-million dollar partnership.

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The challenge

How could Samsung become known as a credible business brand across Europe?

The Solution

We developed a below-the-line pan-European campaign, under the theme of “The Open Economy”. We produced a full suite of assets, beginning with a live debate and including a thought leadership report with supporting website.

The campaign had an audience reach of more than 115 million, saw more than 10,000 downloads of the report and Samsung’s highest ever engagement rates across LinkedIn and Twitter.

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The challenge

How could Vodafone get business excited about the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Solution

For people to get excited about IoT, first, they needed to be inspired by how it can transform people’s work lives. We created a podcast series that showcased the myriad of IoT applications, told by the people using IoT themselves.

From paramedics and crane operators to deep sea divers, these stories cut across verticals and brought IoT to life. The podcast was fronted by TV tech guru Jason Bradbury to attract listeners and get them talking about this latest technology.

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Gumtree Jobs

The challenge

How could Gumtree Jobs make its talent pool stand out to recruiters?

The Solution

In a crowded recruitment space, the eBay-owned company’s candidates have a niche in manual labour and short-term contracts. These blue-collar candidates keep Britain running and our research showed just how valuable they are.

We championed them as Hidden Heroes with a report and launch event to appear to recruiters to not overlook them. The campaign struck a chord, gaining the support of the UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

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