Earnest IQ – get insight, not just research

Traditional B2B research takes too long and tends to give you data, not insight.

The Earnest IQ team is built differently. We focus on insight with purpose – insight you can action. We always point our research towards a specific marketing task, whether that’s assessing your brand’s position in the market, understanding audience drivers and motivations, or discovering and articulating a disruptive thought leadership positioning.

In practice this means:

_ We help you track your brand (and your competitors) by modelling share of voice and other key metrics.

_ We help you watch trends by following and understanding emerging and permanent features of industry conversation.

_ We help you understand audiences by mapping how they talk, where they turn for information and who they trust. 

The point of all this is to give B2B brands a more informed view of how best to proceed, based on data and insight.

How can Earnest IQ help you?

Discovery snapshots


Quick turnaround reports to help inform and shape strategy. We use tools like Brandwatch, and some proprietary ways of working, to figure out what’s going on in our clients’ world related to the task at hand. These reports help us do our job efficiently and give our clients a valuable deliverable to share.

A snapshot report could look at:

  • The competitive landscape and key themes
  • Share of voice (or other key brand KPIs)
  • Channel audit and analysis
  • Or whatever the brief requires


What you get: Approx 30 page report delivered in the first 10 days of working with us on most projects.

Strategic plug-ins


The work done by the IQ team contacts most parts of the agency but is especially integrated with our strategy team, equipping them with the data and insights needed to build transformational brand strategies and execute campaigns that make a bang. This is all in the name of helping clients deliver against their marketing objectives.

Where can Earnest IQ deliver against your marketing objectives?

  • Audience insight: uncover real drivers, motivations, challenges and opportunities
  • Brand insight: your position in the market, sentiment analysis, share of voice, share of search
  • Insightful content: use original data and research to create compelling thought leadership to spearhead marketing campaigns


What you get: Research integrated into strategic presentations in the form of data and insight.

Insight as a Service & Digital Reporting


Tracking a brand or a campaign over time has multiple benefits; placing that tracking in context. We can optimise ROI and tactical effectiveness, fine tune campaigns, respond to emerging opportunities and keep tabs on competitors.  It can also tell us things we don’t know that we don’t know; ‘aha moments’ can sometimes hide in plain sight.

Earnest works with clients to deliver simple and consolidated reporting in a format that’s user friendly whilst helping clients drill down on the detail that matters to them. In practice this means:

  • Building campaign dashboards to deliver on-going performance data in a useful format
  • Collecting and organising data from across platforms and channels, to create performance oriented insights
  • Site and social audits to understand a brands market position, alongside any gaps and opportunities


What you get: Dedicated tracking and reporting insight, delivered to an agreed reporting schedule (e.g. bi-monthly) as an asset personalised to your organisation.

In-depth reporting: Landscape Trackers


A deep dive into the data driving conversation around a set of brands, topics or an audience. We use Landscape Trackers to build a detailed, descriptive account of what is driving an area of interest. Backed by robust data modelling, a tracker is turned into pointed insight that helps clients achieve their marketing goals.

Landscape Trackers can cover just about any topic area, but a few examples of subjects we’ve built Trackers for:

  • Cyber security: Understanding the narratives, events and reactions that drive the news cycle around major cyber events
  • Emerging climate change related tech and brands: Looking for the most interesting B2B business contributing to managing the fight against climate change
  • Emotion in B2B: Uncovering the perception of B2B marketers, businesses and commentators about the role various emotions and psychological states play in the industry

What you get: 70+ page report, covering trends, events, brands and other customisable focus areas, along with a set of specific recommendations for action for your role and organisation.

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