As a B2B branding and marketing agency, we work with organisations to uncover exactly what makes them great and turn these insights into compelling, commercially relevant stories – because a great B2B brand is much more than a logo and a colour scheme.

Our B2B branding services include:
Creation: developing new brands and brand extensions
Post-merger/acquisition: brand strategy and development
Repositioning: evolving to capitalize on new opportunities
Rebranding: equipping brand identities to work harder

Our brand process


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This is all about setting up the project in the right way.

Key to this is understanding your organisation and key stakeholders in the brand process.

  • We need to be able to articulate why the brand process is needed and what outcomes it needs to deliver.
  • We work with you to set up a steering committee and identify internal and external interviewees for the brand process.
  • At the immersion stage we build a project plan with you – working back from key milestones you have.


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We start with your story: where you’ve come from, what you stand for, what makes you relevant, what makes you different.

Stakeholder interviews

  • We hold one-to-ones with your key internal stakeholders.
  • We speak to your customers and market analysts/influencers to gain an external perspective.

Brand workshop

  • We play back our findings to a selected team of your stakeholders, and then develop the building blocks of your brand story in an interactive session.

Articulate & visualise

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Story development

  • From the workshop, we build a compelling story for your brand – giving you the narrative you need to supercharge marketing and sales.

Visual development

  • From sign off of the brand story, we look to bring this to life visually – developing a new look and feel to help you stand out in the crowded world of B2B branding.


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Refinement of the brand covers two feedback loops to ensure it resonates with all parties.

Internal refinement

  • We work with your key stakeholders to ensure the messaging, story and visual identity reflect where you want to get to.

External refinement

  • Ideally, we like to test new brand work with a sample of customers – ensuring it answers the ‘so what’ test and is relevant, authentic and compelling to them.

Build & launch

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Internal launch

  • We work with you to plan how to land the brand internally. For B2B brands, one of the biggest marketing channels is actually the employees, so for maximum results an internal launch programme is critical.

External launch

  • In order to ensure your new brand actually ‘sticks’ in the market, a thoughtful launch campaign is key. We work with you to plan and activate a launch campaign that will help your new brand create noise in the market.

Our brand work

Our brand insight