Galaxy Note8 ‘Big + Small’: the films

Galaxy Note8 ‘Big + Small’: the films

Galaxy Note8 ‘Big + Small’: the films

It’s one thing to tell people how great the Galaxy Note8 is for business, but when you show them how impressive it is in action it has a much greater impact.

Traditionally we would explain the many virtues of a device like this with a downloadable case study, but this is Samsung and we knew that we could go further.

'Do bigger things' is the global proposition for the Galaxy Note8, so it made the most sense to us that we follow and film real professionals using Note8 to do bigger things in their business.

The first film – Aiming Higher – follows the Sales Director of a large FinTech company as he prepares his pitch to an important new client, using the Note8 to stay connected with colleagues and ready the presentation:

'Discovering epic' follows a film location scout who is constantly on the road in remote locations and using Note8 to solve problems and communicate with the production team, as well as keeping him connected with his family when he is far from home:

According to local folklore (which is taken very seriously in Iceland) actual trolls dwell in the wild hills and specific boulders dotted around the valleys are the homes of elves. We were warned not to touch or take anything and that any kind of disrespect shown to the boulders would upset the elves and bring us very bad luck. We touched nothing.

Shot of the team filming the video, with drone overhead and leading character in the centre looking at an Icelandic mountain landscape
Elves and trolls landmarks in Icelandic landscape • Samsung
Shot of video crew filming the leading character looking at a fast moving river with Icelandic rocky hillside in the background
Photo of the filming crew videoing the main character taking a photo of the Icelandic landscape

We used a drone camera rig that can travel at up to 50mph and record in 4K to film the dramatic scenery and capture views that, not too long ago, would have required us to hire a helicopter to accomplish.

The drone can travel to a distance of 7km away from the controller and reach a maximum height of 2km, so we couldn’t even see it when we were filming overhead shots of the glacier and the modified Nissan Landcruiser (which we lovingly nicknamed ‘Big Red’) that we used as the ‘hero vehicle’ in our film.

Film crew talking to leading character in a red Nissan Landcruiser • Samsung
Shot of two Nissan Landcruisers driving down the road with Icelandic moutains in the background • Samsung
Wide angle shot of a red Nissan Landcruiser driving towards Icelandic mountains on the horizon line • Samsung
A red Nissan Landcruiser driving down a track through a small valley • Samsung

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